We aim to unlock potentials within organisations. Our range of training, coaching and mentoring programs provide participants at all levels (from team member up to Board member) with the knowledge, skills and confidence in a wide range of areas including;

Business Analysis
Business analysts are the intermediaries between the business stakeholders and the technical solution providers. This course will enable participants to gain skills that would allow them to fully communicate requirements to the technical team before solutions are designed and implemented. It will also enable them to develop leadership and facilitation skills needed to glean the right information to understand the business environment and the user needs. On completion of this course participants should be able to create key deliverable documents that are actionable by the development team, define the key changes needed for an organization to develop lean processes and learn how to position an organization for success in outsourcing projects.

Project Management
This training course will provide participants with the fundamental methodologies, concepts, processes, and techniques to successfully manage a project. It is intended for people who manage or expect to manage projects as part of their primary work and are at a beginning level of proficiency. It is especially well-suited as a beginning course for individuals seeking project management certification. This course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge they need to:

  • Develop credible and reliable project plans
  • Manage the interaction of scope, schedule, and resources throughout the project life cycle
  • Identify and implement components of their organisation’s project management framework (Work breakdown, estimation, dependency identification and management, dependency management)
  • Provide techniques for tracking, assessing, and communicating project progress
  • Understand, apply, and communicate project management common vocabulary, framework, and processes for projects of varying size and duration

Effective Relationships
It is important to maintain happy relationships with all those people we work with to ensure that our work gets done efficiently, so that our customers receive the service they require. This training course helps participants to discover their personality and that of others. It also provides participants with tools that can be used to apply this knowledge in developing more effective and productive working relationships in our culturally, behaviourally and educationally dynamic work environments. Our aim is for participants to return to work more conscious of themselves as well as others and better equipped to build constructive and beneficial work relationships.

Communication is the art of understanding others and being understood. At STAD Consulting, we explore all areas of communication from planning through to adapting your communication style and presenting a positive and confident image. This course provides participants with free communication skills evaluation assessment before and after the course to measure their development during the course. . Our expert facilitators provide a conducive atmosphere which promotes learning and enables delegates to participate in various engaging exercises which improves their ability to send and receive clear, coherent and positive verbal and non-verbal messages

Our coaching courses covers key areas such as the T GROW model, Giving and receiving effective feedback and much more and is aimed at enabling individuals to learn, grow and deliver their full potential.